Plugged In educates young musicians about how to be in a rock band, while at the same time about the importance of giving back to the community – both locally and globally.

Benefit Concert Series

At the end of each session, students participate in three evenings of performances.  Regardless of whether a student is on stage or in the audience during a performance, electricity and excitement is felt in the air.  Students performing feel like professional while raising money for charitable organizations of their choosing.

Engage Evenings

 Plugged In places emphasis on showing students how to use music to better the world. At the beginning of each session, we hold a Community Engage Evening at which students present to each other charities and causes that are important to them. Students explain how they learned about the charities, what needs are met by the organizations and why they feel it is important to support the organizations. At the end of each session, we hold the benefit concert series.

Community Performances

Plugged In students are invited to perform at many community and non-profit organization events, such as the 4th of July parade, street fairs, New Years Needham celebration, Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration, Walker School, etc. These performances are optional and voluntary. Students can perform with their bands, by themselves and/or with students from other bands.

We’re making a place for everyone.

So many young people have no outlet for their enthusiasm and creative energy. Plugged In bands provide nurturing and support in an environment built on mutual respect and understanding. Our success is measured by how we do well, not how well we do. No matter what your musical interest or skill level, Plugged In has a place for you.


Plugged In is the only place that our daughter feels truly whole, loved and at peace. Her traditional school education often makes her feel less than. Sandra and Tom plus all the wonderful teachers create a place where everyone is welcomed and celebrated. This is a rare and wonderful gift for kids like our daughter. Plus, the music they all make is awesome.

 - M. M.

Plugged In to me is a space for kids to get away from the teen angst and move toward a meaningful and self lifting cause! Instead of burying themselves in videos, computers or drugs, they can expend their powerful creative forces on the community. This program has meant a lot to our family. You guys really make a difference.

 - C.K.

The Plugged In session was a great experience for our son, and the concert last night was terrific. Thank you for a wonderful program that combines skills, confidence, fun, philanthropy and individualized support for this can-be-challenging age group.

 - C.S.

You work so hard to create the most supportive environment. My son’s own words are that he feels “like he fits in.” It is a huge accomplishment to have created a culture of inclusion for preteens/teens. I am not able to express my respect and gratitude for your unique contributions. To see the older kids mentor the younger ones, the risks the kids feel safe to take, the confidence and sense of community it all inspires is precious.

Thanks for all you do.

- L.B.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the work you and Tom do for the kids. My son has had a wonderful experience with the plugged in teachers and kids musically but most importantly I feel you’ve shown the kids how much power they have and how they can make a difference in the world. This is no small accomplishment and I feel he is a better person having been involved in your program.

- C.D.

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