The Baily Family Foundation aims to expand the availability and enhance the quality of post-secondary education. The foundation provides financial assistance to students based on their academic record, financial need, and level of community involvement. The foundation also conducts research on improving the state of higher education.

The Brad Delp Foundation, founded by his children, family, and friends, commemorates the late Bradley Delp, lead singer and guitarist of the band Boston. Delp also was an activist working towards children's and anti-violence causes. The foundation honors Delp's memory by awarding music-related grants, scholarships, and funding for school music programs.

The KTK Sound Concert Production Services provides sound services for virtually any type of indoor or outdoor event at any time of the year. KTK prides themselves on providing great sound, reliable service, and affordable prices.

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The Needham Creative Arts Council (NCAC) is an umbrella organization for the PTC Creative Arts and Curriculum Enhancement committees of the Needham public schools. The goal of the organization is to support arts-related programming at each school, and to create shared art experiences across the school system. The organization also strives to ensure the quality and scope of art programming and to generate enthusiasm for the arts across the schools.

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