Instruments: 6 or 7 string electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Levels: Beginner to advanced

Stephanie Goyer, a Berklee College of Music graduate, has been playing guitar for 17 years and teaching professionally for 7.  Steph is also an accomplished song-writer and has been teaching students song-writing skills for 7 years.  Steph gigs regularly in the Boston area and has toured the east coast. Although her playing is mainly focused in rock and metal, she has studied classical, jazz and funk and enjoys working with students in any style of music.

Steph likes to cater her guitar lessons to the students interests, learning style and personal goals.  Beginner students working with Steph can expect to learn all of the fundamentals like reading music, pick holding, fretting, string bending, sliding, and playing with vibrato.  For advanced students, she puts a great emphasis on fret board knowledge, scales, theory, exercises and soloing. Steph incorporates technology into her teaching and is happy to make custom exercises and backing tracks for students to practice with or help with transcriptions, recording or song writing. Above all, her main goal is to make the student love guitar as much as she does!

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