Savers FUNDrive and Make Room for Merch Sale

Help support Plugged In’s scholarship fund by donating your gently used clothes and soft goods
and replacing them with Plugged In merch!

Savers FUNDrive and Make Room for Merch Sale Overview

Savers FUNDrive

It’s spring cleaning time! Help us raise funds for our scholarship program by donating gently used clothing and other soft goods to our Savers FUNDrive. Savers is an organization that collects gently used soft goods including clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, etc. Plugged In will receive funds for every pound donated, so the more the better! Check out all the details below.

Make Room for Merch Sale

You’ll need something to put in all that newly found closet space and we’ve got the perfect solution – Plugged In merch! There is lots of great Plugged In gear available including t-shirts, face masks, water bottles, mugs, and much more. Every purchase supports Plugged In’s scholarship program and helps us ensure every student is able to participate in music programming regardless of their ability to pay. Check out all the details below.

Savers FUNDrive Details

Start collecting your donations now to help us reach our 2500 pound goal – we get paid for every pound of goods donated! The average garbage bag of soft goods (clothes, linens, shoes, etc) is around 14 pounds. Plugged In will receive 20 cents per pound of soft goods. We can quickly meet our 2500 pound goal if each Plugged In family donates 2 bags of soft goods.

Contactless Community Collection Days:

Drop off your soft good donations at Plugged In on one of our contactless community collection days. Volunteers will be available to remove donations from your vehicle – just swing by and pop your trunk! Current community members will also receive an email with additional donation options. Tax receipts can be provided for donations upon request. 

April 10, 2021 from 11:00a-1:00p at Plugged In (40 Freeman Place. Needham, MA 02492)

April 17, 2021 from 11:00a-1:00p at Plugged In (40 Freeman Place. Needham, MA 02492)

What can be donated:

Donations can include most gently used soft goods such as

Clothing (men’s, women’s, and children’s)

Shoes (men’s, women’s, and children’s)

Accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves, purses, wallets, backpacks, and bags

Bed lines, towels, curtains, pillows, and table cloths


Help us collect donations on a community donation day or help drop them off at Savers! For more information on volunteering contact Jen King at

Make Room for Merch Sale Details

Now that you’ve got lots of extra space in your closets from donating your gently used clothing and soft goods to our Savers FUNDrive, it’s time to fill them up with new Plugged In merch! There are multiple brand new items we’ve never had available before like face masks, water bottles, and mugs. All proceeds generated from the merch sale will support Plugged In’s scholarship fund.

Make Room for Merch Sale

4/1/21 – 4/21/21

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Debit/credit cards only.