One hour or half-hour lessons scheduled weekly in 4-week block or 8-week blocks.  Private lessons can be started at any time throughout the year.

Private lessons take place in one of our private lesson rooms at 40 Freeman Place.  Needham, MA 02492

Fees - $60.00 per hour or $35.00 per half-hour.  Plugged In's goal is to provide access to all of our programming to any student regardless of their ability to pay.


One hour or half-hour lessons scheduled weekly in 4 week block or 8 week blocks.  Private lessons can be started at anytime throughout the year.

Private lessons take place in one of our private lesson rooms at 40 Freeman Place.  Needham, MA 02492

Fees – $60.00 per hour or $35.00 per half-our.  Plugged In’s goal is to provide access to all of our programming to any student regardless of their ability to pay.  

Sign up for 8 weeks of private instruction and get one week free!  When registering simply select the 8-week option (all savings are reflected in the price of this service)

Private music instruction is recommended for all musicians, regardless of skill level.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, private lessons provide the personal attention that gets students playing better, faster.  Skills learned in private instruction benefit students in multiple ways.  In  addition to improved individual skill, students gain the confidence to work in ensembles, perform in front of an audience and the power their music has to make positive change in their communities.

Each of our Berklee trained teaching staff have years of training on their instruments and as private instructors teaching students of all ages and skill levels.  Our staff, chosen for their teaching ability and their adaptability, ensure all of our students feel comfortable yet challenged.  You may select the instructor you feel would be the best fit for your student or Plugged In will use its extensive experience to match you to the perfect instructor!

Get to know our teachers – click here.

Working closely with our teaching staff, our students help guide their own instruction, developing the perfect lesson plan for them.  Students have input on the topics, songs and techniques they will be learning.  This cooperation between the student and the teacher helps ensure that our students are engaged and having fun while learning the techniques that are most valuable for musicians.  Private lessons can include anything, like reading music, ear training, harmonies and more advanced techniques.

Unlike our ensemble band classes, private lessons can be started anytime throughout the year.

The mission of Plugged In informs our private lesson model and as such, recitals and performances will take place at non-profit organizations, charity events and community groups throughout Boston and MetroWest.



All students participating in private instruction must register prior to requesting their first lesson.  Private lesson registration is always open and is independent of other programming.  You will be prompted to register as part of requesting your first lesson.

To request a lesson, first choose an instructor from our Private Lesson Instructor Page.  Once you’ve chosen your instructor click the instructor’s scheduling link at the end of the their description to register and request a lesson time.

Private lessons students do NOT need to re-register at the end of each four week scheduling block.

Any student who ends private instruction with Plugged In for more than 3 months must re-register upon resuming.


Students are able to schedule their lessons via the scheduling links provided for each teacher/instrument.  All students are required to schedule 4 weeks of private instruction at a time.  At the end of 4 weeks the student must submit additional payment and schedule their next 4 weeks of lessons.


Students participating in private lessons may participate (and are encouraged to!) in the many performances opportunities and events that Plugged In offers.  Participation in these events is voluntary but the experience and exposure provided is valuable and supports our students musical growth.  Performance guidelines and RSVP instructions will be provided for each listing.


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If a student cancels their lesson MORE than 24 hours before their scheduled lesson they can reschedule a make-up lesson.  Re-scheduled lessons will be scheduled as normal, based on the student’s and teacher’s availability.

If a student cancels their lesson LESS than 24 hours before the scheduled time than they will NOT be offered a make-up class.

No refunds will be provided for private instruction.

To make modifying or canceling a lesson easy be sure to register your FullSlate account.

To modify or cancel an existing lesson visit our scheduling site by clicking here.