Each Band Class consists of up to 6 students and 1 teaching professional, the vast majority of whom are Berklee College trained. Students learn to play their individual instruments, develop a set list, perform in front of all sizes of audiences, and work as a group.

At the end of each session, Band Class students perform in a Benefit Concert which raises money for the charity chosen by the students at the Community Engage Evening.

An integral component of the Band Class program is the Community Engage Evening where students have the opportunity to research, present, and vote for the nonprofit organization that receives proceeds from the Benefit Concert at the end of the session.




The Fall 2018 session meets once per week for 1.5 hours from September 24, 2018 through January 17, 2019

Fall Session Benefit Concert - January 18, January 19, and January 20, 2019

Band classes take place at Plugged In 40 Freeman Place. Needham, MA 02492

Tuition – $700.00

Each band class consists of 4-6 students and 1 teacher and is comprised of drums, guitar, bass, vocals and can also include keyboards, and even horns.  Students learn to play their individual instruments, develop a set list, perform in front of all sizes of audiences, and to work as a group, all with guidance from our trained teaching staff.  Band sets can include original material and/or cover songs chosen by the students. Classes meet once per week for 1.5 hours and are offered 7 days a week.

Students spend the 14 week session developing their sets and their skills all in preparation for the benefit concert at the end of the session where every band performs in a 3-day showcase of talent!


Weekly Band Classes:
14 weeks of making music that makes positive change in our communities.

Community Engage Evening:
The core mission of Plugged In is to empower our students to make a positive change in their world with music.  Plugged In starts this process at our Community Engage Evening.  This is an event where Plugged In students decide how they are going to give back.  Community Engage brings our students together to present and discuss different charities and causes they feel deserved to be recognized for the good work they do.  At the end of the evening, students vote to determine the charitable organization that will be honored at the benefit concert at the end of the session.

Various performances throughout the community:
Typically there are between 2 and 6 performance opportunities throughout this session at events such as the Needham Business Association Street Fair, Needham Farmers Market, Needham Harvest Fair, and more.  These performances take place throughout Needham and the surrounding communities and are an excellent opportunity for students to perform live.  Students and bands participate in these performances in an a la cart manner, performing when they're interested. With a wide variety of options which include solo and full band, acoustic and electric, students will be sure to find a performance that is perfect for them.

Plugged In Fall Session Concert

(1) Benefit Concert t-shirt for the student



Students will be able to participate in performances and events multiple times during the Fall Session.  Below is a list of currently scheduled fall performances.  Expect more performance opportunities to arise throughout the session!

  • Charles River 5k Road Race (performance) - Sunday, September 23, 2018
  • Community Engage Evening (event) – Saturday, October 10, 2018
  • Farmers Market (performance) - Sunday, October 28, 2018
  • New Year's Needham (performance) - Monday, December 31, 2018
  • Fall Benefit Concert (performance) – Friday January 18, Saturday January 19, and Sunday January 20, 2019
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (performance) - Monday, January 21, 2019



Plugged In’s scholarship fund was created to meet the need of students who are interested in participating in Plugged In, but whose family may not have the financial resources to pay full tuition. Plugged In provides scholarship based on need via a sliding scale. This scale was created to ensure access to as many students as possible, regardless of family income, while also ensuring the long term stability of Plugged In’s scholarship program.

To help determine a family’s need for scholarship applicants must provide the requested financial documentation. Applicants are also able to share and factor in any extenuating circumstances that may effect their ability to pay tuition. Examples of extenuating circumstances can include but are not limited to, limited income, sudden death or abandonment of the primary provider, single parent households, etc.

Applicants are required to upload a recent IRS form 1040. Financial documents will be used for verification of need only and will be retained confidentially for 30 days or until scholarship is confirmed before being deleted. Applicants may be asked to provide additional documentation to illustrate their need to qualify such as recent pay stubs, letters of reference, etc.

Plugged In is committed to ensuring all young musicians have access to programming. Please contact Plugged In if you have any questions regarding scholarship or the application process.

Please chose the registration link labeled “Payment by Check and/or Scholarship” . The scholarship application is integrated into the registration form. Simply answer “yes” when asked if you would like to apply for scholarship and you will receive the appropriate prompts .



Register Now – Payment by Check and/or Scholarship

Register Now – Payment by Credit Card

New Students*
New student registration has two parts 1) registration form and 2) new student meeting.  New students have not completed their registration until both their registration form and student meeting are complete.

New students meetings are scheduled by e-mailing This meeting is NOT an audition! At this meeting we will get to know the student better to ensure proper band placement.

Update - Concert Format and Scheduling Policy Change*
Plugged In's concert scheduling policy has changed and we no longer accept concert schedule requests.

As Plugged In continues to grow so have our benefit concerts. To accommodate our growing community the concert format and scheduling policy required updating. We’ve done so in a way that allows us to craft a stellar show that gives our students, audience, and the charity benefiting from the show the best possible experience. In addition to creating the best possible performance experience for everyone, the new policy also allows us to be more thoughtful when scheduling younger students and those with special needs. Finally the new policy will reduce the overall time students are required to be at the show lessening the scheduling burden on families. Although, we hope you’ll enjoy the performances so much you’ll want to stay for it all!

Please read the new concert policy in full (located on the registration form) when registering for band class.


50% of the tuition will be refunded if student withdraws prior to the fourth week of class. Any student withdrawing on or after the fourth week of class will not be eligible for a refund.