Instruments: Drums

Levels: Beginner to advanced

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Matt Zappa is an alum of Berklee College of Music. He is currently the drummer of the progressive metal band, “Protean Collective”, the pop/rock band, “Robot and the Wizard”, and the instrumental metal band, “The Mike Kerr Group”. In addition, he is a session musician, drum clinician and a radio DJ. His early knowledge of music came from listening to big band, hip hop, and Motown, leading to a love of all forms of percussion. He started playing drums at the age of 14, and he immersed himself immediately in the diverse and competitive New England music scene. There, he played in and filled in for bands of many different styles such as funk, rock, latin, jazz, and metal.

He continued his education by choosing Berklee College of Music, where he also gained knowledge as a composer which led him to pursue film scoring. He endorses Rich Drum Sticks, has been voted the Best Drummer in Boston by Shakefist Magazine, performed 2x at the NH Drum Festival (2013, 2014), and is a radio DJ at WEMF’s Citywide Blackout.

Check out some of Matt’s work with Protean Collective, The Mike Kerr Group, and Robot and the Wizard.

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