December 12, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Saturday Songwriting Circle - 12/12

Everyone can write a song, and everyone who has written a song can write an even better one. At Plugged In’s new online Saturday Songwriting Circle (SSC) participants will learn commonly used songwriting principles and how to apply them to their songwriting. The SSC will use a loose curriculum of these principles and practices, touching upon a range of topics including answering the basic question, “what is a song?”, to the songwriting process, chord progressions, melody, harmony, lyrics, and self-expression. Although there is a planned curriculum, as a drop in style series, the SSC will be responsive to the needs and desires of participants. The SSC is a safe, creative space, open to all young musicians regardless of their experience with songwriting.

The goal of the SSC isn’t necessarily to help you write the next Billboard chart topper, although who knows what your future holds! Instead, the SSC will help you define what you’d like to communicate through your music and provide tools to help you create the music that conveys your own unique voice.

Saturday Songwriting Circle
Online via Zoom
Contact Plugged In for zoom info

Participants are encouraged to bring:
songs they’ve been working on
the instrument (if any) they use when songwriting
a list of favorite songs and/or songs they find inspirational to their songwriting process