Do students and teachers need to wear masks?

All students and teachers will be required to wear masks, including those who are vaccinated.  Plugged In masks available in our merch store if you are interested.  

Because some students will be vaccinated and others will not, Plugged In believes it is sensible for all participants to continue wearing masks so that those students who are not vaccinated are not made to feel different from everyone else.


Are students and teachers required to be vaccinated?

Teachers are required to be vaccinated.

Students are not required to be vaccinated, because not all students are eligible for various reasons.  However, we encourage parents to have their eligible children vaccinated.  

For information on how to access vaccinations for your child, please visit


Do students have to maintain social distancing?

Everyone must stay at least 3 feet apart from each other when inside the building.

No physical contact will be permitted.

We also cannot allow people to be inside the building who are not actively participating in a scheduled class.  Please arrive and depart on time.  Anyone arriving early or waiting to be picked up will be expected to wait in a car or outside.  Plugged In will not be able to provide supervision for students outside of class time.


Will vocalists be allowed to sing?

Vocalists are allowed to sing, but must wear a mask (like all other students).

If you would prefer a mask made specifically for singing, they can be purchased at these links:


What precautions will be in place when Plugged In reopens?

All teachers providing in person lessons and band classes will be vaccinated.

Virtual programming will still be available.

All students and teachers will wear masks.

Social distance will be maintained.

Hand sanitizer will be available to continue to promote general good hygiene.

All people entering the building must not have any symptoms of illness or have been exposed to someone with COVID for the previous 48 hours.

All high touch surfaces will be disinfected regularly.

All instruments and microphones will be disinfected after each use.

All teachers will be trained on safety precautions prior to in person programming resuming.


Do students need to bring their own instruments or microphones?

Students can use the Plugged In equipment, which will be disinfected after each use.

Students are also welcome to bring their own instruments, but should not share with other students.

Our understanding of the scientific research is currently that surface transmission of the Corona virus is unlikely, but we will still maintain reasonable precautions.



If you have any questions, please email Plugged In at or call (781) 444-1879.